Saturday, January 30, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

So let's just say I've put on some weight in the past few months...  OK I'm done with that. So in order to speed up my metabolism (with the extra benefit of keeping me alert now that G-Man's two naps a day are all but a fading memory...)  I decided I needed to drink more coffee.  So my intake has gone up from one cup a day to say... 4 to 6? Hmm...  Now, there is NO research backing up my metabolism story - it is just a hunch I am going on.  And I bet it would probably work, if I didn't "lace" my hot beverage with half a cup of cream and three scoops of sugar.  But I digress...

Breakfast Central at my house.  It's a little cluttered, but funcional.  The Chat Noir cup you ask?  Most husbands bring their wives nice luxury gifts when they travel abroad.  But I am loved.   I get coffee mugs, place mats and wooden tulips... wait for future posts. 

So other people, my lovely friend D.D. for one, enjoy drinking tea instead.  Healthy Green Tea at that.   D.D. and other friends have mentioned this little coffee maker that uses pods to make a one serving dose of the brew.  They find a large selection of these delectable treats at Bed, Bath and Beyond of all places.

Here is the online selection at BBB.

The question of the day is... Have you tried any of these sunshine in a cup treats and what was your favorite?


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring Wear

Last year, early Spring, I decided I needed a "uniform". With Grant in tow and a move out of State in the horizon, I needed something uncomplicated and presentable that would take me through dr. office visits, house-hunting trips, some sightseeing, and weekends with the in-laws. I opted for dresses. It worked out pretty well, but there were shortcomings - mainly I couldn't really wear dresses to our Little Gym and Gymboree classes.

Let's play spot the bargain

This season I have a plan: cargo pants or jeans and flouncy tops (to hide the mid section tire I seem to have picked up - horrors!), accesorizing with lots of awesome necklaces or chunky bracelets. I'd love to wear thinly strapped gladiator metallic sandals, but ballet flats are a more sensible option when running after a toddler. The small bag bit is not going to work for me - how many snacks and diapers can I fit in this LV oddity?

If you want to take a look at Elle's Stepford Wife trend watch for Spring 2010, go here.

Here are some tops I liked...
  • Nude colors will be huge!

J.Crew's crinkled silk shell $88 - I'd wear it with a cardi to cover up my arms.

J. Crew's Merino etherial ruffled cardigan $88 - this one is timeless and can be worn year round

  • So will be femine details
    J.Crew's Francis cami in deep rose on sale $69.50 - I'd get this one for dress up ops.
The top I'm wearing in the picture is actually from Target at a price point I can justify if I'm going to wear it to romp around in at Gymboree.

Target's Merona Alex pleated top $26.99

I have placed my order for some stuff and may share the keepers with you all in a later post. I would love to hear what easy trends you may be following this upcoming Spring/Summer. Please leave a comment and let's help each other look fabulous this season!!

Why the name?

What do a cell phone, a chicken and a fairy tale have in common?

Samsung's Blue Earth solar phone - designed to look like a shiny pebble

I read somewhere that the reason the chicken crossed the road was to get to a shiny pebble.
For a few good laughs go here.

In Hansel and Gretel, Hansel used shiny pebbles to find his way back home.

Answer: They all help me define this space.

There is no day like today to start out something new. So here it is, my blog. I hope to use this forum to organize ideas, express opinions, share knowledge, incite debate, and ultimatly help my fellow moms and busy friends. I encourage input and questions alike. This is not meant to be officious (I can't even spell half the words I'm typing) nor do I claim to have a grasp on anything, let me repeat that: ANYTHING, that I'm talking about. With that being said, stay for a while and let's visit...


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