Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bag Tag Bag

I have been tagged by dearest Dori, from Dori The Giant, which means, to my embarrassment and your entertainment, I have to post the contents of my purse.  Dear Lord!  Here it is, a still life of my daily routines depicted by a pile of junk:

  • Yellow, very soft leather, B. Makowsky bag bought at TJMaxx (the inside liner is a cheetah print Grrrrrr!)
  • A stash of doctor, dentist, emergency room cards
  • A movie ticket
  • Sheet of reward stickers - warning: they never work!
  • Pair of socks for Gymboree activities
  • Uncharged cell phone (this one was bought to replace a lost one! I have phone issues)
  • Mango lip balm from (a gift from a dear friend)
  • Ann Taylor's Ann (discontinued - apparently I was the only one buying them so I bought whatever they had left)
  • Sally Hanson's lip inflation (everybody needs a little help)
  • Size 5 diaper (at least this one is dry.  just yesterday I found a wet one in there)
  • Car and house keys
  • More emergency room cards (i might be a little compulsive)
  • Fiddlesticks and Teething cookie
  • A red prize
  • A pen
  • Overstuffed, 10 yr old,  red Cole Haan wallet
  • The pile of crap that accumulates thru my daily trips to the grocery store
  • And missing from this pic: my camera, sunglasses, and a pack of wipes
So now I'm supposed to pass on the pleasure to quite a few of you... Hold your breath.
I hope all of you choose to play...


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I will post the contents of my work 'bag' tomorrow -i guessit could technically be called a purse for all of the things I have in it!

The Shiny Pebble said...

So cool... I can't wait. :)

nelya said...

This is so ironic, my husband and I were just talking about my bag the other day and I was saying that the older our boys get the smaller my purse gets. He suggested I do a blog post thus entitled. ;0)

Believe me, your bag looks far more organized than my did when my children were that age. There was no telling what I might find, alive or dead, in the there! My husband would call it the "Mary Poppins" bag- if you needed it, it was in there. I have only just recently downsized and my back is thanking me for it!

Thanks for the tag, I'll try to play along in a timely manner, but please forgive me if I procrastinate. I am notoriously bad at getting my act together when it comes to tags.

Anonymous said...

Gulp! Coming up for air just to comment! The Flea market Round-up is this weekend!!!! I'll post as soon as I can FIND my purse!

carissa said...

ha! what a cute post. i like it. you just are full of fun - i can tell... which is why i'm so following you. i found you through "every little thing." congrats on the giveaway! you lucky gal!

michelle b @ every little thing inspired said...


you won my giveaway!!!!
please contact me via with your address, etc!!

Dhanika said...

OMG, I love how you showcased your purse! A couple days ago I was searching for something and came across SOO many RANDOM things. I really don't know how it even got there!

The Shiny Pebble said...

Hi Dhanika. So glad you joined in the fun. Yes, the devil made me do it. Did you notice the half eaten items? Gahhhhhh!

escapade said...

Oh so fun - and not at all scary! I, too have cell phone issues and can never seem to have one that`s actually charged!

Lovely bag by the way, Ms Mary Poppins :)

Anonymous said...

Alright you shiny pebble... get over to ddna and see how I played.

Brabourne Farm said...

Fascinating things aren't they - they seem to be a breeding ground for all sorts of things that you forgot you even had! Loved this post. Leigh

Unknown said...

oooh fun! thank you for including me :) i'll get on it right away!

cotedetexas said...

hi - fun!
a makeup bag
brush (of course! always!)
hmmm. lots of misc. papers/receipts
cigs. (bad girl!)
hmmmm. junk.
biscottis from Starbucks - always!!!
more junk.
thats all I think!!!!

Hope Chella said...

This is so funny especially the diaper :) In a few years I can hopefully relate! xoxo

My Galveston Cottage said...

OK. I was stumped at first with the diaper. I'm so far removed from little kiddos -- and the stuff that goes with them. ha. I wondered if you had to do some long distance driving or something....Got it now! cheers, -susan

The Shiny Pebble said...

Love Where You Live,

Hillarious!!!!!!! heheheh...
No, I'm not a lovestruck delusional astronaut, but hey... maybe someday I'll need those.

My Galveston Cottage said...

OK, you made me laugh out loud now.


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