Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring Wear

Last year, early Spring, I decided I needed a "uniform". With Grant in tow and a move out of State in the horizon, I needed something uncomplicated and presentable that would take me through dr. office visits, house-hunting trips, some sightseeing, and weekends with the in-laws. I opted for dresses. It worked out pretty well, but there were shortcomings - mainly I couldn't really wear dresses to our Little Gym and Gymboree classes.

Let's play spot the bargain

This season I have a plan: cargo pants or jeans and flouncy tops (to hide the mid section tire I seem to have picked up - horrors!), accesorizing with lots of awesome necklaces or chunky bracelets. I'd love to wear thinly strapped gladiator metallic sandals, but ballet flats are a more sensible option when running after a toddler. The small bag bit is not going to work for me - how many snacks and diapers can I fit in this LV oddity?

If you want to take a look at Elle's Stepford Wife trend watch for Spring 2010, go here.

Here are some tops I liked...
  • Nude colors will be huge!

J.Crew's crinkled silk shell $88 - I'd wear it with a cardi to cover up my arms.

J. Crew's Merino etherial ruffled cardigan $88 - this one is timeless and can be worn year round

  • So will be femine details
    J.Crew's Francis cami in deep rose on sale $69.50 - I'd get this one for dress up ops.
The top I'm wearing in the picture is actually from Target at a price point I can justify if I'm going to wear it to romp around in at Gymboree.

Target's Merona Alex pleated top $26.99

I have placed my order for some stuff and may share the keepers with you all in a later post. I would love to hear what easy trends you may be following this upcoming Spring/Summer. Please leave a comment and let's help each other look fabulous this season!!


Anonymous said...

Catherine - I love, love your blog! What a great blog and look forward to following you.


KittyKate said...

Thanks Sandra! I appreciate the 'at-a-girl'. I am looking forward to reading your comments my insightful friend.


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