Friday, February 5, 2010

It Is All In The Eyes

Picasso's Portrait of Dona Maar
Of all the wonderful blessings that God has bestowed upon me, long, lush eyelashes were not it.  These are my eyes about 30 minutes after I wake up in the morning.  This should be fun to look at, since each eye was photographed by itself from a different angle... But if you look past that, I actually am trying to make a point here.
Everyone's mascara needs are different, I have found.  And the same person will also have variations in their daily needs.  I, for one, mostly need something that will go on easily and prefer volume to length.  I rarely wear mascara on the lower eyelashes ( read special occasion only, to which I have a different solution, so read on).  And I NEVER curl my lashes.

I currently have in my arsenal three different mascaras.  All of which are grocery store brands (more on that later).  One is Maybelline's Pulse Perfection $12.99, which I bought on inpulse last time I had to buy my trusted Cover Girl LashBlast $8.99.  The third one is the waterproof version of the LashBlast.

Below is one application of the Cover Girl LashBlast and one of the Maybelline Pulse Perfection, both in black:

There is only a slightly noticeable difference on the results.  The CG one is a little goopier and the lashes are not as well separated as the Maybelline version.
Here are the eyes after the second coat of each respective mascara.  The difference now is very noticeable.  The CG eye is much goopier, but the lashes look fuller, longer and darker. 

The shot below shows both eyes without the disctraction of being separated by a white wall.  The right eye (the one on the left side of the screen) is much denser, albeit gobbier.  From a respectable distance, from where most people would see me, it looks nice.  I can pretty much leave the house right now and wouldn't be totally embarassed about my bald lashes.  It almost looks as if I used eyeliner at the outer edge of the eye.  For me, the CG mascara, is the perfect solution for a busy morning's mad dash out the door.  This might be a question of personal preference here, so I'd like to hear about it from you all.
yes, i'm crossed eyed in this picture.  go ahead and laugh!
I subscribe to consumer reports online, which is a great starting point resource.  You can read some of their free reports through their main website. On January 2009, they wrote a report, available to subscribers only, on 16 different mascaras.  34 women picked their favorites based on overall performance, ease of application, brush, look on lashes, durability, and ease of removal.  The top favorite was Lancôme Définicils, $24 at department stores. 
You can also find it at Sephora

Another preferred brand was the grocery store staple Max Factor's Lash Perfection, $5.89

You can also find it at Ulta

I haven't tried either one of those and would love to hear from those of you who have.  Since, for hygienic reasons, you are supposed to change your mascara every three months, the lancome one would probably fall out of my budget. UNLESS, it is really awesome!!! Oh, and by the way, the one they all hated the most was also one of the most expensive: Christian Dior's $24 Dior Show.

Another option is the lash lengthening two step mascara, where the first step is a layer of lash building white goop.  I have used it, and like the results. However, you have to be very fastidious about covering up all of the white gunk with the black mascara.  Otherwise, it just looks ridiculous.  I'd skip it if you have small children and no more than a couple of minutes to put your face on in the morning.

Now, for those special occasions when you have the extra 10-15 minutes that it takes to apply them, nothing beats fake eyelashes. There are all sort of fabulous ones in the market.  I find the Shu Uemura makes the most natural looking ones. 
I love 'my' lashes in this picture

They are mine, since I bought them here.

There is a fourth option to great eyelashes.  A dear friend introduced me to the prescription treatment Latisse.  You can get it through your doctor or dermatologist.  And it DOES work. The only drawback is once you stop the treatment, your lashes will eventually go back to their original length and thickness, so you have to restart the treatment.  Right now, that sounds like a little too much upkeep for my lifestyle.


skwylie said...

Catherine, I have used Latisse and yes, it does work but it is expensive and you need a prescription. I have found another product that I like much better then Latisse and it is RapidLash. It cost around $50.00 in a retail store but if you buy it online through Amazon you can find it for $30.00 and I believe the shipping is free. It comes in a tube like mascara and goes on like liquid eyeliner; it does not drip like the Latisse. And you don't need a prescription.


The Shiny Pebble said...

Awesome, Sandra! This sounds like a winner. I wonder if it would produce as good a result as Lastisse for a first time user? Or is this more of a maintenance product? I will definitly look into it further.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think it would be good for a first time user. After I had used Lastisse for some time I decided I just didn't want to spend the money they were asking for Lastisse. All my lashed fell out, like they tell you they will if you stop using the product. Then I heard about RapidLash and decided to give it a try. I had better results with the RapidLash over the Lastisse. With the Lastisse, although it made them grow long, they had a softness to them kind of like spiders leg (for lack of a better description) and with the RadpidLash, my lashes had a little more weight to them. This is just my experience, I would be interested to hear from anyone else who has used both Lastisse and RadpidLash.


The Shiny Pebble said...

Here is an unfortunate turn of events for the Max Factor company. At my last trip to the grocery store I picked up one of their mascara and attached to the container there was a coupon for Cover Girl and a note telling me that as of 2010, Max Factor products will no longer be available in US markets. I guess the decision to remain a CG girl was made for me. :)

Coryanne Ettiene | Kitchen Living with Coryanne said...

great review. Last summer I had extensions put on, lash by lash and just loved the 'cow' effect. Everyone said I looked 10 years younger. I am going to do it again this summer and am really looking forward to the extensions, kind of like my summer treat. I have yet to find a mascara that I simply love. My mom used Lastisse and really saw a difference, it is not in the UK yet but will be giving it a go when we get to AZ later this year.

EMILY said...

I am a redhead and there aren't alot of companies that make a color that I like. I don't think red heads should wear mascara that is black as it is too harsh. Even brown blacks are too dark. I used MaxFactor 2000 calories in deep auburn for years and was so bummed to find out Max Factor is no longer available. But CG makes mascara in brown that seems to be a decent substitute.
But please, you redheads, stop wearing black mascara. Brown looks so much better!

Bethany @ The Paper Pony said...

Thanks for your post! I, too, am lash deficient! I have always preferred Lancome mascaras. They really are the best, hand's down. Due to recent economic conditions, I have had to buy supermarket mascara and the orange CG was my fave... but I am always open to options. I just tried the yellow CG and HATE it!


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