Friday, April 30, 2010

A Reader's View of My Dining Room


So often we go through our blogging days without much input from our non-blogging readers.  It is just a fact that we all get accustomed to.  Thousands of people visit our blogs and move on with their lives without so much as a word.  That is absolutely OK.  We are all here to share our experiences and if sometimes the experience ignites a passion in the reader, he or she will be moved to either do some change in their personal lives or let us know about it.

One such a reader bestowed upon me such a great honour.  In her words, she "was inspired" by my challenge and put together a design for my dining room. Here is what she said"I was inspired when I saw your dining room makeover challenge. I had a lot of fun doing this. It was an adventure to source items and create a style in a room for someone I haven't met!"   I am so thrilled she wanted to share it!  Her name is Angela P.  and she owns a home accessories shop in Seattle, APMLimited, it is gorgeous.  Go check it out. 

Here is her lovely version of my room:

 Wallpaper from Anna French.

 Chelsea House Screens that will go on each side of your china cabinet.

New knobs from P.E. Guerin in antiqued brass finish (not shown) for your china cabinet.

Roundabout chairs- one on each side of the china cabinet

Ronald Redding fabric for the roundabout chairs

tortoise shell mirror 2 carvers

Sconces on each side of this Carvers Guild mirror in the tortoise shell finish

Antique cloisonné vases-one on each end of the credenza

New drawer pulls and knobs in antiqued brass (not shown) for your credenza.

Two new wing back's upholstered in the Ronald Redding fabric shown, to replace the captain's chairs for your dining table. Fabric shown also to be used on existing dining chairs.

Lantern light fixture to go over your dining room table.

Two rug options.

Cabinet with mirrored tray to be used as a "bar cart". To be placed on the wall where you currently have the chair and table. The pictures you currently have flanking the china cabinet will go over this chest.

Robert Allen Fabric possibility for woven shades or roman blinds.

"I would define my design style as sophisticated elegance with a heavily eclectic mix of furnishings and accessories. My idea of a wonderful room is to have a warm, comfortable atmosphere with layers of beautiful, interesting things to look at (and touch) but nothing that is too “precious”. Nothing just for show. Things with a purpose or a sentimental value.

My inspiration for a room design usually comes from the one item I am most excited about and then everything builds from there. The item might be a piece of furniture, a fabric, an architectural feature, it could be anything. The inspiration for your dining room design was to be able to use most of what was already there but still give a dramatic change thus, the wallpaper idea. The wallpaper was the first item I settled on and the rest of the design choices were built around that choice.

I would say my design aesthetic comes from just a lot of life experience. I have moved a lot around the country and most cities I have lived in like Seattle, Los Angeles and Charlotte, NC have a very strong but completely different design aesthetic. So, every home is an opportunity to try and incorporate the new design influences with my own personal core aesthetic which tends to be more traditional with a dose of chinoiserie. Recently, I have been very interested in Kelly Wearstler’s designs. Although Kelly’s rooms are not my “taste” I am trying to learn the art of incorporating more of the unexpected into my designs…thinking outside of the box. "

I totally see Wearstler's influence in Angela's ideas for this room.  Loved the layers!  Thank you so much Angela, for putting so much thought and effort into your design.  I cannot tell you how flattered I am that you chose to send me your creation.  It feels so nice to hear from a non-blogger-READER!!!!

This post is also very timely, as it is an intro to my next design blogger featured in our Challenge.  This upcoming Wednesday, Chinoiserie Chic maven Beth Connolly will be featured.  It is not to be missed!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Blondie's Journal said...

Angela did an excellent job with her suggestions for your dining room. How fun this would be to have someone design a few of the rooms I am 'stuck' on. I do see influences of Kelly Wearstler and I adore her work.

Fabulous post!


Splenderosa said...

C...this is really lovely, the layering of patterns looks really new, not 70's at all, and you have all your furniture remaining, except the host/hostess chairs. Really well done.

Kathysue said...

She had me at the wallpaper and then the lighting and the mirror and then the vases, I think I love this room. It is pretty amazing and layered to the max!! Love it,Kathysue

Karena said...

Catherine!!Wonderful. This is so fun to see what such great design minds are coming up with!! I will go see Angela's site!

Art by Karena

Allie and Pattie said...

LOVE the wallpaper- a fabulous jumping off point. Kudos for a lovely job!
xoxo Pattie

Unknown said...

Hi Catherine! Oh, that is so cool, I love her inspiration! That wallpaper is TDF, for sure! I'm so glad you stopped by Little Blue Deer, wonderful to meet you! I will definitely be following, you have a lovely blog! Have the greatest weekend!

Style, She Wrote said...

Love the knobs and tortoiseshell mirror!! So fab.

pve design said...

Love the layers of color, pattern and texture. She did a wonderful job pulling it all together!

OneCraftyFox said...

Wonderful, and the wallpaper is divine!

Anonymous said...

Well, being a lover of color AND chinoiserie...this version is absolutely delicious! I might
have to purchase that mirror for
moi!! xo

Marija said...

How fun and adventerous is Angela P?! And the wallpaper she chose is equally as fun! I love it. And I like the wingback chair...even in that fabric. Hope you had a great weekend!



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