Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two Big Deals For Me Today!!!

This is an exciting day here at The Shiny Pebble!!! For two big reasons:
I have actually been asked to write my first Guest Post at my new blogfriend's from England, the lovely and fantastically funny, Coryanne, the mastermind behind Housewife Bliss.  My gracious hostess has asked me to write a piece on the one thing that inspires me.  Please join me over on the other side of the pond, where I take a stroll down memory lane and share a little bit about myself and hopefully help you get inspired along the way.


 The other fabulous thing happening here today is that my dining room is being "featured" by American Interior Designer, Amanda Burdge over at AB Home Interiors, where she has been kind enough to help transform this very traditional dining room into something a little more hip and fun.  Please, go check out her ideas and recommendations.

This is all so exciting to me.  I hope you come along on both of these adventures.

For the gues post, click here:
For the dining room, click here:

If you are here from these blogs, please pull up a chair and stay a while... You never know what you are going to find.  And since this is not really a POST post at my site... I think it belongs to the wordless wednesday.


savvycityfarmer said...

okay, I've got my chair pulled up ... AND I'm staying awhile ...

Anonymous said...

Congrats, C! What a wonderful way to begin a new day! You deserve it!

Pemberley said...

Great going. I love Housewife Bliss!

Anonymous said...

How exciting is right! I can't wait to see your post! Your DR is gorgeous! I'll run over to AB and see some more! xoxo

Carissa{goodncrazy} said...

congrats! i peeked over at the two sites.. love the water/beach images.. and now will she be doing the makeover for REAL to your dining room??! :)

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

congrats! Can't wait to see the transformations.

The Shiny Pebble said...

HI everyone, thanks for stopping by.

Carissa... I'm still in the planning, looking at my options part of the process. I loved her choices and advice. I will definitly use her post as a starting point.

Marice said...

congratulations! :) thats really exciting!

u may view mine too here

EG CameraGirl said...

Congrats. How very cool!

Coryanne Ettiene | Kitchen Living with Coryanne said...

Happy Wednesday indeed! My home was listed in the Times Style mag right after we did it and it made my must be so pleased. And thanks for the great plug, am blushing (or is that Rioja I just had?) xx

The Shiny Pebble said...

Housewife, you are so cool!

EG Wow and Marice, thanks for stopping by.

jayayceeblog said...

Wow, congratulations ... your pictures are great!

Charlotta Ward said...

Cathrine this is fantastic news! All of it and I will absolutely follow you on both journeys (after I finish typing this..).

I had a guest post over at Mochatini a little while ago - my very first - and nearly fell off my chair when Manvi asked me. It is such an honour and privilege to be invited into someones blog like that.
I can't wait to read your guest post!

Your dining room is beautiful and I love the detail. You have wonderful taste and I look forward to finding out how you intend to change it. Not that it needs it.

xx Charlotta

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello - me again. Just back from having read the dining room re-do suggestions. How great that you had such involved input and help.

I totally agree on their thoughts on 'mixing it up' and tone down the 'matching pieces' however I had a fright when they suggested you paint the room green. Call me a Swedish traditionalist but I would keep to lighter walls - perhaps a pale soft grey?
I think some of your existing accessories are just lovely and I would keep these. You can update lamps by getting new custom made shades.
The windows are divine as they are and give the room such light and life.
I think the one thing that is going to make this room a bit more modern is to change the dining suite - the table and chairs. I would get an antique table but perhaps mix it with some newer chairs - and these don't have to match at all. You can have different ones.
The tartan chair is great - tartan is coming back big so hang on to it, but perpahs change the cushions aorund the room to something new and less traditional.

Sites that give great inspiration are 'A Perfect Gray','Griege', 'Splendid Willow' and 'Avolli' - they do mix-match posts that really show the way. Also, Donna at Perfect Gray has so many great ideas that she has executed herself!

'Material Girl Dallas' featured a post about 'Velvet and Linen' (Design Bloggers' home - Unveiled! Part 2) - this is also a nice example on a home that mixes traditional with modern in a very nice way.

I hope I am not too forward here Catherine but I really got a fright when I read some of the suggestions.

xx Charlotta

Mary Ann said...

Congratulations, Catherine! You must have been a busy housewife with all the pictorials. I visited both websites you have been featured in...your work are impressive...I can see more awards coming for you! maryann

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

definitely great news, going to check them both out! well done!

Unknown said..., and the news!

Splenderosa said...

Hey precious C...many congratulations on all this. Definitely I will see every single photo and word. I'm a big fan of yours. Rock on...xx's Marsha

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Wow! Those are both neat things. I am very impressed about the living room feature. Very cool. Congrats on both!

The Shiny Pebble said...

Thank you all, I will stop by and visit each of you when I have a minute. My inlaws are in town, so I've had to take a little brake today.

I am so thankful to Amanda, who has generously spent time and effort on this project and did not charge me a penny. Loved her ideas and value the ideas of others as well. Thank you Charlotta for sharing all of your resources, I will definitly check them out as well.

You see, when I started blogging that was exactly what I wanted. To have a forum where we all could share our knowledge for the benefit of others.

I truly appreciate you all.


Pauline Wiles said...

Congrats, this is great! I will be checking them out!
Would you be interested in doing a guest post at Struggling to be Stylish? Let me know if yes ;)


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