Friday, July 16, 2010

More About Lacquered Walls

hallway-walls-ceilings-floors-in-black-and-white-stripes via jordanguidedesign

Last  Friday’s post sent emails a-flashing in the background here.  Apparently not only are lacquered wall hot right now, they are also by most people’s opinion, the hardest wall treatment to get it just right.  There are different options, however, that might not be ideal, but will give you some bang for your effort buck.

Option 1:  Add Swirls

Marty from A Stroll Thru Life added texture over her imperfectly lacquered walls and came up with a texture that she found was quite pleasant.  Sorry, no pictures. 

“What I used was just a water based semi gloss poly that I got at the hardware store.  This was several years ago, but I know there are a lot of products out there.  I don't have an exact product name.  We used a large brush and applied it in a swirl pattern on the wall.  We practiced on a board first to get the pattern that was pleasing to us and then just went for it.  We had already painted the wall, so this was an attempt to salvage it, and the result was really pleasing.  I know you see a lot of cross hatching, however, I didn't like the effect of that, so we just applied it in a swirl pattern.  I've even seen them do similar things on HGTV with a rag and swirl it around.  Sorry I'm not more help than this.  My painter also suggested that we could tape it off and do a strip in the gloss and this would help to camouflage the imperfections in the wall, however, if the gloss hit a spot that wasn't perfect, it just seemed to enhance the imperfections.  The swirl pattern just gave the overall appearance of sort of clouds if you can picture what I mean.  Hope this helps.”


Option 2:  Add Stripes or Patterns to Minimize the Impact of a Imperfection

via apt therapy










Ann Onnusko, from Rose et Lis, a professional faux painter (see a previous guest post here) has a few recommendations:

  • “Measure the stripes with metric. It's easier to divide and is smaller increments than inches.
  • After you tape off the stripes, seal the edge of the tape ( inside the stripe) with either a fast drying glaze ( like they sell at HD) or the base color. This provides a barrier for the stripe color that prevents feathering and leaking under the tape- a real bummer when you remove the tape.
  • I usually use the same paint color in a semi-gloss or gloss rather than a gloss poly- it looks richer. “


Option 3:  Apply a Similar Treatment

IMG_0920 (2)

If you have textured wall, like I do, there is a treatment that is quite pleasing.  Of course you will not get the watery feel of a truly lacquered wall, but the effect of being enveloped in a gorgeous casing, like my friend Splenderosa so beautifully puts it:  “it is like being inside a jewel box”.  This is a closeup of our WC walls.  Multiple shades emphasize the imperfections and the glossy paint adds a touch of glamour to the treatment.

If you would like to see the actual how to on lacquered wall, please go visit the pro.  Ann has written a post on it today over at Rose et Lis.


Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Love lacquered walls! But my walls are far from perfect, so the texture would be the way to go. Thanks!

Karena said...

Great comments and tips! I love laquer and my walls are textured. I have to give this some thought.I want to redo my bedroom.

Art by Karena

Mary Ann said...

Hello Catherine! Love the look! Great to be back and lots of catching up to do. Have a great weekend! verbena cottage

TIGHTWAD said...

You've got the prettiest header I've ever seen!

Pemberley said...

I'm feeling pretty inspired. Does Mr. Darcy know about TIGHTWAD lusting after your header????

OneCraftyFox said...

I am intrigued by this post, this is something I have never tried.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Catherine dear!!

Mama Hen said...

What a great site! I just found you! You have a new follower! Come and visit Mama's Little Chick!

Mama Hen

Alexandra Rae said...

Lacquered walls are so hard. I've done many. They have to be perfect. But I love that stripe. I'll be using this image for my post of b+w stripes. BC I finally! decided on a patio look. Thanks :)

Love Where You LIve, a blog celebrating design, individual style & decorating. said...

I like the stripes!

Style Attic said...

I have never done lacquered, but would love to. I have done the stripes and love them :)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Stopping by to say HI! Laquered walls are exquisite! But could you really live with the black and white stripes? So pretty to look at, but I would constantly have sensory overload!
I love the textured walls, are they yours? Rich and interesting.
xo Yvonne

pretty pink tulips said...

I want to laquer my "brown room" - already a deep brown color. But there are some cherry wood built-ins and molding which I would have to paint, too. I just need to take the plunge!
xo Elizabeth

Jessica Hills said...

I love these walls! They are so dramatic. Thanks so much for linking to FTF!

Dovecote Decor said...

A couple of houses ago...I had a wonderful friend who did stripes above my chair rail, and faux paneling beneath in my 2 story front hall. It glowed! On moving day, my 3 year old walked down the stairs and smeared lipstick on it. I just wiped it off and was grateful not to have wall papered!

Leigha said...

I cannot wait to see what you decide on...and see pictures of the finished product!

Housewife Bliss said...

I did that with cream in our loo in London and I loved it, I am trying to get my mother to draw a design on her guest bedroom wall using the same effect, I love it. Never thought of using a dark colour before, great inspiration

VICTORIA said...

So gorgeous! And the contrasting paint of the stripes wall is to die's unexpected and Fabulous! You definitely know how to find good deals!! i love it.Inspirational.Thanks


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