Friday, February 12, 2010

Master Bath Windows

If you read my blog, you know I moved recently from out of State and have bought this fairly new home, with builder's white walls and a yard that needs some serious work.  With a toddler's schedule dictating what gets done, I am amidst a front yard redo and am now considering the most pressing decorating/decorum issue right now: my very creepy, voyeuristic glass block bathroom windows.

I desperately want frameless doors for my shower, but it will have to wait!

My bedroom and bathroom have a bit of Malaysian/South Pacific vibe to it...

I hate the wall color, it photographs pink!!!!!!

I can't take credit for most of the accessories, a friend from Tulsa decorated my room and I just replicated at this house.

I love how she picked this... I would have never thought of it

Excuse the swing that needs to be trashed...

I've been meaning to get rid of this bird - it is not really me.  I love peacocks, though.

I love my lamps!  You can find them here.  I found them selling for twice that at a decorator's shop.

I would have never thought to pick out this pillow, but I think it works.

More birds

Love my shell collection! - I actually got the idea of placing jewelry in it from Veranda

A broader view

So, I definitely want to use some bamboo shades.  But there are several decisions that need to be made:  color, valance style, fit.  My color preferences are:

Bhutan/Caramel - in the catalog, it looks much richer (more red)

Sula/Tortoise shell (also looks richer in the catalog)

For the style the options are waterfall or flat fold and for the fit, should I hang it over the sides of the window or inside the window frame?

Flat fold hung over the window frame

Waterfall hung inside the frame

The lighter color will somewhat match the chairs, and the darker color will porbably pull the reds from the rug.

What do you all think?  I need suggestions!  I think I prefer the lighter one hung inside for a more tailored look, but then maybe having it over the sides of the window in a darker color will warm up the space a bit more.

Also, the bath has these fabulous high ceilings, which makes the room uber cold!!!!, but it looks cool. And then there are all these niches around with plugs for highlighting whatever I put up there. Any ideas?

What the heck do I do with these?


Cote de Texas said...

hi - what a beautiful bathroom!
I would forget the niches - just ignore them. you don't WANT to call attention to them - crane your neck, etc. let your bathtub be the focal point, not some high ceiling, ok? for the shades - i would have them inside mounted with the darker one, the first one you showed. with the light streaming in, the dark doesn't stay dark - it lightens up. so go with the darker. i like the waterfall - but that's personal. hope this helps.

theshinypebble said...

That's good to know that they fade. Shoot that means I'll have to sprint for the custom ones rather than picking something up at Lowe's. Oh well, you can't take it with you. :)
I'll post pictures once they arrive and are installed... That could take a month...

Anonymous said...

Catherine – When I was looking at your pictures of your bathroom with the two indentions on the wall and you asked, “What the heck do I do with these?” I thought of HGTV “Rate My Space”. You can up load a picture of the room or space you are decorating and viewers will give you ideas on how to decorate the room. You can also post before and after pictures of your room and people will rate the room and make comments; or just check out all the rooms that have already been done. Check it out at Once on the site go to Home Improvements, then Rate My Space.

theshinypebble said...

Thanks skwylie, I will definitely ck it out. That way I won't have to pester the ladies/and gentlemen of the designer blogs I follow. :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am with Joni on two areas. Forget the niches. If you HAVE to have something then ironwork.

I also would also do an interior mount but we differ in that I like the lighter. I wish you had included the blind link so I could look more The bedroom and rug in bath are already so dark.

I wonder what you did.


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