Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Early Valentine

Yesterday my Mr. Darcy came home early to keep our son so I could go to the dentist.  As I was rushing out the door, our neighbor two doors down was standing outside asking to use the phone as he locked himself out.  I quickly gave him my cell and got my husband to keep the distraught man company as I ran out the door, faintly hearing my husband's voice advising me to take my car. So a warning light came on and I thought, why wouldn't I?

Here is what was waiting for me... granted I didn't think to take the picture BEFORE I eagerly opened the package.

Now, this was a real surprize.  You see, my Mr. Darcy has NEVER been able to keep a secret or surprize from me before. Case in point:  He called me right after he bought my engament ring to tell me "I got you something..." and my immediate response to that, of course, was "my ring?" to which he quipped "I'm not telling you".  C'mon ladies, we all know that that's man talk for "yes, darn it, how does she do this?".

So I have to think back and try to figure out how he accomplished this hoodwinking feat.  Well... for one I had told him that since we just bought this new house, all I needed for Valentines was a big plant to fill this spot in the living room until my budget allows for paint and curtains.

Last weekend Mr. Darcy patiently entertained G-Man while we treaded through no fewer than three garden centers to find only this Philodendron, which has taken temporary asylum in my dining room until it is warm and safe to plant it outside.

That was a lot of work, and he had made plans to do it again every weekend until we found just the right plant.  Well, just tell me if that is not a lot of commitment from a man.  I really thought "wow he is really taking this Valentine thing seriously".  Well...  I had no idea.  And I am really touched by his sweet gesture.  So, without much ado, here are a few shots of my beautiful gift.

Wait a minute... come to think of it.  He didn't really have to keep a secret that long. The neighbor incident, after all, kept us from having any time to talk idly.  AND, he almost spoiled the surprize by warning me to drive my car.  Furthermore, Valentines is not for another ten days.  Goober!  Phew.... all is well in my world.  Things are not that different after all.

To celebrate further, my next post will be on fashion.  Lots of you have asked me to write more about it.  You haven't seen the last of this bracelet yet.  But, that's all I'll be saying about it for now...

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