Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome Brielle!

Birthstone: Amethyst
photo credit here
Birthcolor: Pink
Lacroix purple chiffon via Vogue

Birthflower: Iris and Violets
"The Iris has three petals that stand for faith, wisdom, and valor. In Greek mythology, Iris was the messenger of Ancient Greek gods; the link between heaven and earth; and the personification of a rainbow. The purple Violet stands for modesty, and the Blue Violet stands for watchfulness and faithfulness."

I had fun collecting a few cute girly things to cellebrate the occasion.
Enjoy the show...

Orion Nebula

tutu from etsy
tutu can be bought at etsy

from chasing-fireflies
dress can be bought at chasingfireflies.

Elie Saab via stylehive

guerlain violets

Damasse Rug from PoshTots
found this at cotedetexas
also at cotedetexas

1 comment:

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am perplexed. Who is Brielle and do you like purple/lavender?


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