Monday, February 1, 2010

To iPad or not to iPad

I am not sure where Apple is going with this.  It is, as many have said it, "an iPhone on steroids", but it doesn't make phone calls. What?  As streamlined and cool as it looks (and I am sure it is a joy to use), I don't see myself forking out the 500+ bucks for it.  For one, it doesn't have a built in camera. What, what?! An absolute must for me, since I use it several times a day talking to my family.  I am not a kindle user or a big gamer (anymore).  If I worked a brick and mortar job and were sprinting in and out of meetings, I'd maybe consider it just for the cool factor.  Let's just say that I wouldn't reject it as a gift either.

The iPad is a totally open faced device.  One couldn't just toss it in the diaper bag with the water bottles bouncing around.  Apple will sell a bleh sleeve for it:

But one can do much better than that...


Check out this fabulous portfolio by Trussardi,  the italian design company that made the label "made in Italy" covetable around the world.  Check out their site here.  While you are there, don't forget to look at their fabulous men purse selection.

Who knows, this may just be the catalyst for the whole man purse thing to take off...

And hey, If Hugh is wearing a man purse, who am I to say it's weird?

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Hey Shiny Pebble,

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