Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Frazier's Ornamental and Architectural Concrete

We live in a neighborhood where our very small (26 homes) subdivision was modeled after the French Quarter. All of the homes have several courtyards, porches and verandas.  We moved here just a few months back, in the winter, and ever since then I have been thinking about what to do with all of these areas and have actually redone the front bed and will post about it in the future.   

Prominent in our back yard is a very large, 6 foot tall, two teared fountain that can be seen from three rooms in the house.  Unfortunetly, the fountain remains, as you see in the picture, turned off because the water splashes out (mainly because of the wind) and it needs to be refilled almost daily.  To solve this problem, we are planning on putting a huge round basin at its foot to pool up the water and re-engineer the pump to keep it flowing. 

This past year we have been driving from a suburb in Houston to College Station to visit my beloved in-laws.  Everytime we head that way, about half way, is a huge architectural concrete open air warehouse.  That place is huge!  Acres and acres of stuff to see.  But I will not lie...  99.8% of the stuff in there you don't want:  small angels, toads holding umbrellas, crawling concrete babies...  eeeekk!!  But if you keep an open mind, there are lots of fun stuff too.  And as they adertise it on their site, if you don't see it, they are either making it or buying it.

Use your imagination and see what you think...

I wouldn't hate seven or so different ones of this in front of my ranch.

These were about 5 feet tall

This one has some sort of stain... see the potential?
not sure about these fountains, but they were unique
For the chinoiserie lovers:
Also about 7 feet, with a verdigree stain

This one is a gem and about 6 feet

Now we are off to the beach, Port Aransas/Mustang Island?  Have never been, so will let you know how it goes.  This week it will hit low 70s!


Casa Bella said...

I love the urns! Wow...great finds!

Charlotta Ward said...

Oh I love this post and this place! I agree there is so much potential in some of the pieces you featured!
I love that stained horse head - couldn't that fit nicely on your dining room? Perhaps on top that mock fire place / mantle? :)

I love this - will keep.


Anonymous said...

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