Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rugs on Rugs on Rugs for next Fall

Ralph Lauren, Fall 2009, Indian Cove Lodge

Have you noticed a multi rug layering trend lately?  Not talking about the zebra over the seagrass thing (we've had that in the study for a couple of years now - and I LOVE it!)... I'm probably behind the curve on this one, but will definitly use it next fall.  If I owned a cabin in the mountains somewhere, I'd be scrambling right now to Tuesday Morning to see what I could find to start out my collection. But since I live in balmy TX, layering and inordinate number of rugs on my floors will have to remain a Fall/Winter thing. 

The good news is, I'll have until next fall to amass my collection.

Here, my new favorite South African designer, John Jacob, layers them more sparcely... this is probably the look I'm going for. 
via Sweet Like Lemons

a more muted collection via Design Sparks

For another beautiful muted color example, hop on over to Tracy Porter and watch the video.  She is totally over the top, but chose to do it 'demurely' with the rugs. She also used a little chinoiserie accent table similar to RL's (see first picture).

Here is a more modern, youthful way to do this from Apartment Therapy

Great idea for a child's room, especially since they are washable... I'd be afraid of  my son tripping, so some type of rug mat needs to go under... maybe better left for older children... maybe girls only.

Which one came first?

Kelims by fm janssen via Investor Spot


Is the collection of rugs and different furniture trying to send a message that the host is a little coocoo?  Or does this feel welcoming to you?

Now, am I mad as a hatter in thinking this trend will take off?


Tracy F. said...

Beautiful rooms. Especially love the one by John Jacob. Unfortunately, with 5 dogs and lots of vacuuming, this trend is probably not for me!

The Shiny Pebble said...

I hear you. We have two dogs and a cat... I'm thinking it could be in a room in the house where the pets don't usually go... like the library/office. I'll probably try the great room though, because it gets awfully cold since it is all tile. It must be a TX thing.

Kelley Sanford said...

Happy you found my site. I don't know what we "artists" might know but glad someone thinks we have something to say. I love your blog. So many inspiring images. As you can tell, I'm very visual. Looking forward to seeing what you post next. Thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Hey C,

Fab post--love all the colors and layers! By the by, tell me about that snazzy new widget!


The Shiny Pebble said...

Hi Herself, isn't it fun? Just click on the get my widgets and dig thru the site. You have to ask for it. They only allow a few a day. But it took me less then two days to get the email. Good luck with it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks C!
I sent them an email--love it!
PS: I'm going to need your email! You can write to me at:

Thanks again!

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

So glad to find your blog through Holding Court. What beautiful images. Just love your thoughts and will be back for more very soon. Have a great weekend.

Mandy said...

Love them all but I,m swaying towards the mad hatters tea party, how fun would that be !!!!!!!!

The Shiny Pebble said...

Hi Gwen, thanks for stopping by. My camera skills are a little rough, but I'm always willing to work at something... Come back to see the improvement. :)

The Shiny Pebble said...

Mandy... love your attitude.

escapade said...

Such a rich, plush feeling - definitely cozy for fall. Here's to a little mad-hatting!

Tish Jett said...

What a stunning, charming blog you have.

I think your pebbles are beautiful.

It's lovely to meet you.

Best regards,

The Shiny Pebble said...

Hi Tish, thanks for the kind words. I got the picture fom Flickr and get lots of compliments on it. Which reminds me I should write the photographer. He is very talented.

The Shiny Pebble said...

Yay, Escapade, I appreciate the encouragement. Will post pictures in the fall. :)

Andy Quirks said...

lovely rooms! i love the first one the most!

such a pretty blog!


The Shiny Pebble said...

Hi Andy, don't just love the luxury in every RL room? Everytime I am about to do something different with the house I think : What RL do? Pittiful isn't it? Welcome!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I like layering rugs and I adore Tracy Porter and John Jacob.


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