Monday, March 1, 2010

Style Muse of the Week - Laura W.

Meet Laura W., my GORGEOUS style muse of the week.  She lives in Dallas and has four grown children.   I met her this weekend at Surfside, where we all enjoyed the warm weather and the beautiful seabreeze in February! 

Laura has a sophisticated, well travelled vibe about her.  Her demeanor and affability are as much part of her personal style as the clothes she wears.  This day she was wearing what I would call California Chic meets Mountain Luxe.  Laura picked the most fabulous scarf, with just the perfect shade of blush pink with touches of amethyst to complement her beautiful complexion.  You can't see this from the picture, but in addition to the scarf she had a very long and delicate silver looped chain around ther neck, which accentuated her long figure further.  To top it off, she wasn't shy about her fabulous purse.  An aubergine woven leather tote - surely Italian, probably Bottega.

What I really love about her, besides the welcoming attitude, is her platinum hair casually pulled back.  Gorgeous lady with a fantastic sense of personal style.  Not many of us can pull off this look you guys, but she did it flawlessly.  She had such glamour about her, that strangers wanted to know if she was a movie star.  (This happended even BEFORE we were taking pictures).

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